Friday Night Entertainment

Oktober 9, 2015 – under contract

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HMF Stage

Nacirema is an Indie/Alt/Folk Band from Hickory. Band members include Zane Reed on Guitar and Vocals and Zack Edwards on percussion.

Carving the Architect

Carving the Architect is a progressive death metal band hailing from Morganton, NC. They formed in October of 2014 and have played various shows in Charlotte, Granite Falls, and High Point ever since. Their goal is to create unique music that can be recognized and appreciated for its creativity.

Shiva's Destruction
9:00 pm - 9:45 pm

A straight Heavy Metal 4-piece hailing from Granite Falls, NC Shiva's Destruction enjoys writing heavy, in your face riffs with the occasional touch of melodic sounds. They have a dedicated love for their local scene, as they are actively trying to broaden it by hosting shows, and getting along with all fellow bands throughout the state. With the 2014 release of their debut EP, 'Treachery', and more recent release of their newest single, 'Salinity', they've been growing as musicians, people, and band members since their first sight on the scene in January, 2014. After the release of 'Treachery' they have been hitting the practice room harder than ever to produce more versatile sounds in their songs, drawing influences from bands like Pantera, to Slipknot, to Clutch, to Kublai Khan, and happily looking towards getting back in the studio in the Fall of 2015 for their first full length LP.

SS Stage
Tony Eltora
6:15 pm - 7:15 pm
singer / songwriter

Raised in Richmond VA, Tony Eltora grew up playing and performing at the age of twelve. Drawing from his vast love of all styles of music, Tony Eltora’s sound is a mix of blues and soul. Tony moved to Hickory NC in 1998 where he continued to teach private guitar instruction and performing in many local and regional bands. He has shared the stage with many national and regional musicians including, Tim Reynolds, Sam Bush, Keller Williams, George Porter Jr, Oteil Burbridge, and Acoustic Syndicate, to name a few. Because of his love of teaching kids, Tony helped found the Hickory Music Factory in 2012, a nonprofit organization in Hickory, NC with the mission to build futures through music by teaching, performance and community outreach. For more information visit:

Pearl and Stone
7:45 pm - 8:45 pm
folk, Americana, blues, and countr

Pearl & Stone is a duet that consists of Lindsay Gurley and Cory Goble, a couple from Hickory, NC. Their music is a mix of folk, Americana, blues, and country. Lindsay and Cory met through music and have recently decided to take their musical taste, and combine the two.

Carolina Soul Band
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Beach band

Carolina Soul Band performs sweet soul sounds of such legendary groups as The Drifters, The Coasters, The Four Tops, The O’Jays, Little Anthony and the the Imperials, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and many, many more. The Carolina Soul Band takes you on an exciting journey through the musical history of Motown,Beach,and Soul Music! You’ll be clapping, dancing, and singing along with all your favorite songs of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Featuring the versatile talent of some of the best musicians in the country, these performers have performed and shared the stage with such notable acts as The Drifters, Ollie Woodson, Little Richard, Percy Sledge, Dennis Edwards Temptations, The O’Jays, The Flamingo’s, The Tams, Carl Gardner Coaster’s, The Platter’s, The Diamond’s, The Manhattan’s, and The Crystal’s just to name a few.

Too Much Sylvia
9:00 pm - 10:45 pm
Variety band of 24 years in the making!

TOO MUCH SYLVIA has the desire and ability to please and play something that everyone will enjoy. Their fun, contagious personalities will touch all. Whether it’s a low key dinner setting, an energetic party, a festival with all ages attending, the band easily adapts. By NOT working from a “set list”, 2MS has the ability to “feel the mood”, pace the song selection and provoke audience interaction to reach a peak at the right moment. The experience and professionalism only adds to the ease of working with TOO MUCH SYLVIA.

Developing a loyal following of "Mama's Kid's" as the 2MS fans are called, the band is draws a good crowd in the Carolina's. Their 2013 CD, "2MS", continues to generate more fans through radio and internet airplay with the success of a #1 song and their current #3. Again, the normal presentation will provide anything from a few "unplugged" tunes, some beach, Motown, Funky 70's, Retro 80's a few of the top current hits from Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, Florida Feorgia Line and some Country. Blend this in with some possible "special guests" such as ZZ Topp, Boy George, The Supremes, etc and it really turns into the perfect entertainment for these types of events.

Foothills Oompah Band
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Our performance includes audience participation such as sing-alongs, marching, clapping and slapping.

Sam Griggs - Tuba, Kemp Williams Leader and Drummer, John Hoppe - Trumpet and Vocals, Vince Demor - Accordion, Matthew Hanna - Clarinet and Vocals.

We have entertained at birthday, anniversary and New Year’s celebrations, wedding receptions, a soccer playoff, and once played German songs for a St Patrick’s Day gathering at a Mexican restaurant. The band plays throughout the year for private parties parades and festivals.

We like to think of ourselves as your "Turn-key Festival Band". There's no need to hire a separate sound company as we can bring our own mixers, amps and sound system. Our performance includes audience participation such as sing-alongs, marching, clapping and slapping. We bring the Oktoberfest feeling to any audience, indoor or out.

Selwyn Birchwood
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Selwyn Birchwood, Florida’s rising young blues fireball, is a guitar and lap-steel-playing bundle of pure energy. He delivers his original songs with a revival tent preacher’s fervor and a natural storyteller’s charisma made all the more impactful by his raw, unvarnished vocals. Birchwood plays high-octane blues – at once deeply rooted, funky and up-to-the-minute – with true passion and honest emotion. With his band feeding off his drive and exuberance, the striking 6’3” 29-year-old with his trademark Afro roams the stage (often barefoot), ripping out memorable guitar licks with ease.

Bob Wilusz-Roving Accordian
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Bob Wilusz, the Strolling Accordionist is great for special themes, festivals, and parties.

Bob Wilusz, the Strolling Accordionist is great for special themes, festivals, and parties. He takes the music to the people by making personal contact with the audience or to just add to the atmosphere. Bob's repertoire includes various European music (French, German, Italian, Irish, and Polish), plus old time and Patriotic American. Bob has vast knowledge of songs from the time period 1890 to 1959. Special hats and vests compliment each musical style. He could perform just one type of music or all six.

Bob also does a lot of senior work. He'll do special lunch programs combining music and history or stroll during dinners or picnics. Bob will play special Irish, German, old time music with an explanation of its historical significance, and Christmas programs. Currently, Bob is booking for weddings; dinner, birthday, anniversary, picnics, and international theme parties.